Sanford Hutton

President and Designer Colors in Optics, Ltd.

Colors in Optics, Ltd. was founded in 1978 by President and Designer Sanford Hutton. The company’s namesake was borne out of its innovative and unique process of integrating color into optical frames. Sanford, a licensed optician, pioneered the use of color in the eyewear industry by producing a number of classic frames in vibrant colors. His implementation of color helped revolutionize eyewear into a fashion accessory. The look was an immediate sensation and was reflected in numerous motion pictures including Annie Hall and American Gigolo. This exposure catapulted the Colors in Optics brand into a fashion icon. Almost immediately, major retailers clamored for the product. Today, the company is a key force in both eyewear design and distribution, and is a top resource for retailers and eye care professionals worldwide.