Lorrie Frost


Lorrie graduated from college and in the same month went to work for Business Journals Inc. Beginning in the production and art departments, she then moved into the position of Creative Director for Accessories Magazine. Soon thereafter she switched from the editorial department to the sales department and became Publisher. During that time she was also the Sales Director for Accessories the show. Where she was an integral part of the team that re- launched the trade show.

Lorrie was the first in the company to take one of its magazines to the internet. She created and managed three websites for the Accessories, including a daily newsletter. In addition, Lorrie developed and managed a trend forecasting business which became its own division for the magazine as well.

She left the magazine to pursue a new direction, in 2015, and is working as VP Merchandising and Sales for Natasha Accessories Ltd. She is a recognized Accessories industry consultant for both manufacturers and retailers.

Lorrie has been on the board for FABB since its inception.

  • Tel: 203-222-1755